Youth Intensives

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cullen+them is not hosting a Youth Intensive this summer, however please stay tuned or contact to find out about opportunities for young people throughout the coming year. 

Past Example of Summer Youth Intensive (2018):

cullen+them is hosting two weeks of summer intensives for two different age groups this July! The intensives foster an open, supportive and exciting environment for young people to learn, create and share with each other. We will be working over the course of one week to create a piece on the theme of compromise and negotiation. At a time when our democracy is in question, we will look at how both protest and diplomacy might help us move closer to the kind of world we want to see.

The week will include modern technique, somatic practices, improvisation, composition, partnering, writing and acting. We will also take cultural outings throughout the week to inform our work and process.

WEEK ONE: July 16th-20th

  • 9:30am-3:30pm
  • Ages 8-10

WEEK TWO: July 23rd-27th

  • 10am-4pm
  • Ages 11-14

The conversation and composition will vary week to week based on the age group as each group will have different views and different levels of understanding of this nuanced topic. At cullen+them we believe that no matter what your age your opinion and voice matter.

Please contact with any questions or to register.