The adult performing company of cullen+them creates and shows multi-disciplinary work that is content driven. The subjects of our work tend to be social justice or interpersonal issues and our goal is to shed light and spark conversation. We see this as a starting point for effecting change. Our process begins with conversation and the form is grounded in speaking and movement based mediums that play between the pedestrian and the highly physical.

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Avery-Jai Andrews

Avery-Jai Andrews is a professional dancer from Dallas, Texas. She started training at Dance Industry Performing Arts Center and furthered her training at Dallas’ award-winning arts magnet high school, Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, where she graduated with high honors in 2011.

Avery-Jai graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in dance. With her sights set on enriching her dance training with global perspectives, she studied internationally in Austria at Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance and in Israel at Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company’s international Dance Journey program.

Professionally, Avery-Jai has performed across the country and around the world with Indah Walsh Dance Company of New York City, and Keyhole Dance Project of Padova, Italy. Avery-Jai has worked with Allyson Green, Crystal Pite, Kendra Portier, and Nathan Trice. Recently, she was a part of a collaborative new work presented in Hamburg, Germany. As a choreographer, Avery-Jai is the founder and director of Don’t Ask Why in Dallas, Texas, and is a collaborator of TADworks with Tara Lynch. She is happy to be a founding member of cullen+them.

Gabriel Nieto

Born in Venezuela, from a Cuban father and Venezuelan mother, Gabriel started studying dance in Caracas at the Venezuelan Latin Dance School where he learned Afro Caribbean styles including Salsa, Bachata, Mambo Cha-cha, Guaguanco, rumba afro-Venezuelan and break dance. Gabriel decided to broaden his horizon and left for Europe to study contemporary dance at studio 68 and The Place dance school where he learned break dance, improvisation and hip hop. In Dublin he was part of a TV show as a performer for the Irish television version of “The Voice Ireland.”

In 2013 Gabriel got a scholarship at Peridance Capezio Center for 3 years and decided to move to New York to expand his vision. Since being at Peridance, he has performed pieces by choreographers such as Igal Perry, Michele Oliva, Marlena Wolfe, Cindy Salgado, Jesse Zaritt, and Milton Myers. Gabriel is currently training with mentors as Manuel Vignoulle, Isaies Santamaria and Gregory Dolbashian. As a freelancer, he is been working in 2015 in Belgium for a famous choreographer, Jose Besprosvany, artistic director of IDEA Dance Company, for a project call ESPEJO and performed at Varia Theater.

Having recently joined cullen+them for the newest project, he is inspired by the unique approach Hannah Cullen uses in creating work. He is excited to continue working with cullen+them in the future.

Adriana Santos

Adriana Santos is a New York based actor, writer and director currently pursuing a Masters in Fine Arts at The Writer’s Foundry in Brooklyn. She recently graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in Drama and Creative Writing. While at Tisch, she performed in many projects including House of Wives by Fatima Gallaire directed by Naila Al-Atrash and Aguantando, an original one-act play that she also directed, produced by the Experimental Theatre Wing. Original works by Adriana have also been presented at the ABC Sanctuary in New York, the Zurich University of the Arts and the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Intercultural understanding is of the utmost importance to Adriana and her work often focuses on a yearning to communicate despite perceived differences. As a Latin American and trilingual artist raised in Miami, she often draws from her own confrontation with cultural representation in the United States. In addition to contributing regularly to, a boutique music culture website, Adriana has had multiple works of fiction published in various literary magazines. Most recently, Adriana assisted Naila Al-Atrash in the direction of The Conference of the Birds by Peter Brook and Jean-Claude Carriere produced by Tisch Drama Stageworks.