cullen+them is an intergenerational performing arts organization making socially conscious work and building empathetic community. Our mission is to foster active and compassionate exchange through dialogue, artmaking and performance. We believe that the best way to create change and transcend division is through live gathering and moving together. Contact is an essential part of learning to understand one another and to recognizing parts of ourselves in others.

We work to foster the growth of balanced individuals who think critically about their lives and the world around them. We have a responsibility to be the change we want to see: to create the kind of community in which we want to live; to bridge divides. We are not witnesses to intolerance, we are either participants in or fighters against it.


We are the mild mannered
Fiercely lined ones
Who’ve stepped up to
We have no tolerance for
hatred and are asking
peacefully that you disarm
your fear of the unknown
to join our ranks.
We are nonviolent.
We are not polite.

In diligent empathy,
Comb through the stories
Of those
With the willingness to be open
On a spectrum of similarity
To find
Common ground.
It is always, however minute, there.


We who believe
In providing sanctuary to the people that seek it
in their homes, their bodies and on the street,
In allowing for nonconformity
to a system of being that is impatient and narrow
will not stop until we
are the overwhelming majority.