artistic statement

I make multidisciplinary performance art that is grounded in the mediums of movement and spoken word. My work is a call to action for both the audience and the performers. My confidence that art has the ability to create and inform social discourse is what drives my process. It involves fully incorporating the performer’s personal beliefs and stories resulting in an intimate and unique experience. My sense of storytelling offers perspective on issues of gender, race, and other aspects of identity used to construct systems that foster inequality. The personal is political. Through theater making, I question and uproot fears that impede movement towards an equitable society. My hope is to create impactful change.

I am an unbridled optimist. I am often confronted with opinions that are fatalistic about the state of the world, which of course, is understandable. I do not think that way. I have big plans for the future and I see nothing wrong with that. My goal is to upend prejudice and stereotypes that hinder equality. I believe fear is the root of inequality. I believe the fear epidemic is both systemic and personal. We are more alike than we think. We have more in common than we’d like to know. It is the parts of ourselves that we can share with and see in others that can nurture our ability to live compassionate lives.

Hannah Cullen