The adult performing company of cullen+them creates and shows multi-disciplinary work that is content driven. The subjects of our work tend to be social justice or interpersonal issues and our goal is to shed light and spark conversation. We see this as a starting point for effecting change. Our process begins with conversation and the form is grounded in speaking and movement based mediums that play between the pedestrian and the highly physical.

the work.


Avery-Jai Andrews

Avery-Jai Andrews is a professional dancer from Dallas, Texas, who graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. With sights set on enriching her dance training, she embraced a global perspective and studied internationally in Austria at Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance and Israel with Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company’s Dance Journey program.

Avery-Jai has freelanced in New York and Europe with Keyhole Dance Project of Padova, Italy, Indah Walsh Dance Company of New York City, and in “Moving Stills,” a collaborative work presented in Hamburg, Germany. She has also worked with noted choreographers Allyson Green, Crystal Pite, Kendra Portier, Renee Redding-Jones and Nathan Trice.

As a passionate artist, who is committed to healing communities and sharing her love for movement and live performance with the world, Avery-Jai founded Don’t Ask Why, a non-profit arts organization based in Dallas, where she is the Artistic Director.

She is thrilled to be a founding member of cullen+them and continues to support and contribute to the arts in New York City.

Adriana Santos

Adriana Santos is a New York based actor represented by Synergy Talent NY, and writer currently pursuing an MFA at The Writer’s Foundry in Brooklyn. She recently graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in Drama and Creative Writing.

While at Tisch, she performed in many projects including House of Wives directed by Naila Al-Atrash and Aguantando, an original one-act play that she also directed, produced by the Experimental Theatre Wing. Original works by Adriana have also been presented at INTAR Theatre’s STEEP series, Playwrights at the Grand, Rising Circle Theater Collective, the Zurich University of the Arts and the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts where she represented NYU Tisch in a series of international artistic workshops. Adriana has had multiple works of fiction published in literary magazines and has reviewed theatre and music for various online platforms.

Adriana’s dance background begins with musical theatre in grade school and culminates in the multi-faceted work she’s proud to be performing with cullen+them.

In NYU’s Experimental Theatre Wing, Adriana trained in various physical-based acting techniques such as Grotowski, Michael Chekhov, Meisner and bouffon clowning, while also taking classes in various dance and movement forms such as contact improvisation (K.J. Holmes), ballet (Martha Tornay), hip hop (Fabel Pabon and Ken Fury), Afro-Haitian dance (Pat Hall), capoeira and tai chi (Roberto Sharpe) and choreography with Annie-B Parson and Warren Adams.

Ramiro Batista

Ramiro Batista was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He attended a bilingual school for most of his life, where he was surrounded by sports and different arts. He trained in a variety of dances like Ballet, Hip-hop, and Ballroom which he also teaches. Being that his parents are actors, he grew up in rehearsals and backstage, making his way to the stage at the age of twelve.

He came to New York, to study acting, dance and perfect his English at the age of sixteen. With the intention of working and living all around the world.