Young Them


Young Them is being reimagined as a collaborative cohort that will meet weekly to engage in meaningful discussion and creative process. Young Them provides space for each member to develop physical practice, invest in critical thinking, and share their opinions and ideas in a community that respects each individual.

  • This cohort is open to ages 12-18. The wider age range is reflective of the kind of community and art we want to create that is inclusive of multiple experiences and perspectives.
  • The topic we’ll be discussing over the course of this semester will surround how we relate to our environment and the pressing climate crisis.
  • We will work each month to generate short independent projects that can be shared via social media, and over the course of the semester we’ll build a longer form piece blending movement and film.
  • Movement practices will heavily be grounded in increasing physical awareness and understanding various improvisational methods.
  • An interest in movement, choreography and discussion is essential. All movement levels are welcome.

Semester runs February 21 – June 13
Tuesdays 4:30-6:30pm
Tuition $640

Please email with interests or questions.