+award gala 2018


cullen+them works to build empathetic community by fostering active and compassionate exchange through dialogue, artmaking and performance. We believe that the best way to create change and transcend division is through live gathering and moving together. We invite you join us for our first annual gala to celebrate and support our mission on Wednesday evening March 14th. We are very excited to be honoring writer, producer, organizer and Hannah’s long-time mentor, Amy Richards at our first annual gala. Amy produced the Emmy nominated series WOMAN for Viceland and curated a series of talks to accompany Annie Leibovitz’s traveling exhibit WOMEN. Amy is the president of Soapbox, Inc., the foremost feminist lecture agency, and the Soapbox Foundation. Amy is a consulting producer on the HBO documentary Gloria Steinem: In Her Own Words and an advisor to PBS documentary on the women’s movement in America, MAKERS: Women Making America. Amy works closely with Gloria Steinem on her writings and co-founded the Third Wave Foundation, a national organization for young feminist activists between the ages of 15 and 30, which continues today as the Third Wave Fund.

Gala Co-Chairs: Melanie Cohn and Lev Ratnofsky

For questions or more information about joining the Gala Host Committee or early reservations, please contact Kim Cullen at kim@cullenandthem.org or 646-729-8373.