cullen+them 2023 +Award Gala


2023 Honoree Slobodan Randjelović

The 2023 +Award gala took place on Monday October 23rd and was hosted by Daphne Rubin-Vega and was co-chaired by cullen+them board members Melanie Cohn and Kim Cullen. The evening featured performances from cullen+them, including a new musical in development co-created by Hannah Cullen and Mur.
The +Award was presented to Slobodan Randjelović, in celebration of his important work as an artist, philanthropist, advocate, and conservationist.. The Award was designed by visual artist Jamel Robinson and was unveiled at the event. The +Award honors individuals whose presence and life work contributes to positive social change.

Our mission, emphasized by everyone who spoke at the gala, particularly our incredible honoree Slobodan Randjelović, is to create artwork that is in conversation with the issues and experiences of our time, is deeply human, and builds thoughtful, hopeful, creative community. Your support is what enables us to continue putting our work into the world.

And thank you for being a part of our ever-growing circle, for helping us practice the authentic connection and empathetic witnessing this organization is built on.


Please email or call 646-498-9179 with any questions.