Messaround Manifesto

  1. The Messaround is a life event. It is not a performance, it is not an art show, it is not crafted for anyone. Rather it is a container for happeners to occupy, and live in. This container is what allows us to see how art happens in our lives all the time – if art is what you call synchronicity, beauty and discovery.
  2. We live this Messaround with intention, just as we live our day with intention by making plans and completing work. Tasks are presented at messarounds for us to complete as we wish. It is unadvised to enter the happening with no intention. However if that is your prerogative, by all means see if you can release yourself of all intention and let us know how it goes.
  3. We are not here to think our way through an experience but to live it. Too much thinking can lead to judgement, we are here to do without worry. Perfection is the enemy of authenticity.
  4. We are actors in our own lives, not observers of it. The messaround is where the lives of those in attendance converge, mingle and spiral back out into the world.
  5. Each Messaround is different, we are not in the business of rehearsing and repeating content. Since new people come to each happening, new happenings are created.
  6. At the Messaround, as in life, our actions have impact on the people around us. It is of the utmost importance that we move through this happening with respect for the space, every person in it, and for ourselves. Discrimination or harassment of any kind is simply not tolerated.
  7. If you’re interested in hierarchical art spaces, where the division between performer and viewer is clear, where what is “art” is placed on a pedestal or stage and viewed at a distance to ensure the distinction between its end and our beginning, you’ve come to the wrong place.
  8. Empathetic listening is the cornerstone of this event. It is encouraged that you take as many opportunities as you can to listen to others with only the motive of learning something or learning someone.