Spring Messaround 2018


WHAT: Spring Messaround – our one year anniversary of these magical gatherings!

WHEN: May 22nd, 7-10pm

WHERE: 988 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn NY


We’re back with our second SPRING edition of the Messaround. Let’s gather live to celebrate the creative potential of spring before the heat of summer lays her heavy hand on our heads. Come for an evening of collective joy, to meet new people, move your body, embrace each other’s uniqueness and have FUN.

Spring calls us to come out of our homes – out of the solitude that protected us through the frost of winter – to be with each other again. We crawl back into our spring skin…we open our windows wide to let the fresh air fill our apartments and the sound float in from the street, before we have to install our AC units again. We walk through the parks, sitting on benches to people watch, to talk with friends, to write, to dream, needing no reprieve from the heat. We welcome with open arms the changing tides of our spirit – our communal nature returning, our desire to flirt, to dance, to create, to get messy rushing back into our bones. We long to reconnect with our community. It’s the most beautiful season to messaround.

MUSICAL GUEST: We are thrilled to welcome back Grupo Descarrilao for this messaround! Check out videos from last year to see how much fun we’ll be having with them.

TAROT READINGS by Taylor Yates – she will be offering readings all evening on first come, first served basis!

Taylor Yates is a communications-trained lightworker. Born by an LA lake with Southern and European heritage, she has spent much of this and many previous lives studying and analyzing behavioral patterns, dreamscapes, rituals, trauma and abuse, magic, race / queerness / identity, and transformation. She is entrenched in studies of human behavior and communication. certified Reiki level II, Taylor is dedicated to holding space for the vulnerable.

LIVE PAINTING by Perrin Ireland – she will be painting lichens, moss, mushrooms, squid, ferns, seaweed + weeds… what lies underfoot and is at the leading edge of life reemerging in spring.

Perrin Ireland is a visual storyteller focusing on the honor and responsibility humans have to celebrate and defend our cohabitants on planet Earth. She produces video and visuals at the Natural Resources Defense Council, and has worked with the California Academy of Sciences, Discover Magazine, the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, and the FDR Library, among others, to produce science stories or graphically recorded science events.