Summer Messaround 2017


Summer Messaround


Join us for our second seasonal messaround – summer edition.

Live gathering, live music, live performance, mingling, talking, sweating, dancing, learning, etc. etc. …you know the drill…


WHEN: AUGUST 10th @ 7pm 

WHERE: BROOKYLN CYC, 55 Anchorage Place

Buy Tickets Here $15  ($10 for kids) – refreshments included

Messaround’s are about social gathering, community organizing, empathetic listening and live performance. We ask you to come, bringing only yourself and the willingness to be open. We believe that change is possible when people gather together live with the shared intention of listening to one another and challenging our own belief’s about other people. The name cullen+them originates from the purpose of uprooting and re-purposing the word “them” to be one not of division but of inclusion. Our collective mission when we come together on August 10th is to build empathetic community. We do this by making a mess of what we think we know about others; mingling, dancing, listening, watching and participating willingly in the mess that ensues from uninhibited communal dialogue. We are here to MESSAROUND.